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“Go into all the world and proclaim the gospel to the whole creation”

YouMoms exist to equip, encourage and empower moms to build bonding relationships with their children by offering child birth classes, parenting classes, mommy and me classes, connect groups and life changing bible studies.  What we do: A single or married first-time mom who is facing an unplanned pregnancy may be scared and think she is alone, so YouMom provides a place for both resources and support.

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Counseling Ministry: Proverbs 11:14,”Where no wise guidance is, the people fall, but in the multitude of counselors there is safety.” If you are in need of a prayer partner, premarital or marriage counseling, trauma care, or help figuring out other life concerns, contact the Church Office for an appointment with our ministry counselors.

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The purpose and objective of the CCPB Foster Home Ministry is to nurture the lives and souls of hurting children in the foster care system through emotional and spiritual growth in Christ. The message we bring to foster children is of hope, peace and a greater understanding of the One who will never abandon or forsake them- Jesus Christ!

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The purpose and objective of the CCPB Nursing Home Ministry is to be a light in the lives of the elderly. We provide the gospel to the elderly as well as encouragement to people who are not able to leave the facility to attend a church. We foster an atmosphere of praise and worship as we gather to lift up the name of Jesus in nursing homes.

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In all cultures, friendships are developed through hospitality. The purpose and objective of the CCPB Hospitality team is to welcome, serve, and uplift members.  The most valuable earthly possession a person can have is a warm, supportive community. They arise from our innermost needs, grounded in our God-given ability to love and care for others. Let’s be a growing, healthy church by serving together.

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“A faithful ambassador brings healing.” Proverbs 13:17

The purpose and objective of the CCPB Hospital Ministry is to minister to the sick, shut-in, and hurting.  It provides an opportunity to minister to people who are vulnerable and needy and, in the process, become an instrument of God’s healing touch. We bring the good news to hospital patients and their families. We would love to show you how much we care about you and your loved ones with a personal hospital visit.

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The CCPB evangelism ministry exists to mobilize the body of Christ to spread the Gospel whenever, wherever and with every means available. We believe that The Great Commission was not the beginning, but a continuation of what Jesus was doing throughout His earthly ministry. He reached out to all cultures- men and women. Therefore, we believe that we should be doing the same. Missions and discipleship should be the heartbeat of the Church because it is the heartbeat of God.

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